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Harry Potter G/PG/PG-13 Fanworks

For all ages ... or almost all.

Harry Potter G/PG/PG-13
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Harry Potter Work-Safe Fanworks
Last update to our rules: July 4th, 2011.

Fanfics for All Ages


This community is for fiction rated G, PG or PG-13 only. Basically that is fic without descriptive sexual content, explicit language and graphic violence. The books were basically rated PG-13 for the most part, so that can guide you. Any genre of HP fanfiction is acceptable, be it gen, het, femmeslash, slash or anything else we haven't thought of, excluding RPF/RPS. Crossovers are also welcome. Flames will not be tolerated under any circumstances. With that mind, I ask that your fanwork header includes warnings or content notes--unless you'd rather use an "author/artist chooses not to warn" notice. This comm isn't discouraging stories that push the PG-13 envelope. It is simply preferred that they are labelled clearly so that younger readers can make informed choices. Please note: all icons used in this community should be appropriate for all ages. Also, keep in mind that only the mods are allowed to post ads to this community.


The subject line should *not* be left blank. Fill it with your fanwork's title and characters.

Please include the following header with each fanwork or recommendation:
Warnings: (if any)
Summary (and/or review in the case of recommendations):

*Optional: you may also post a brief excerpt from the fic or something to this effect.

Titles and summaries (or reviews) should be rated PG at most. The fanwork itself can be rated up to PG-13.

Each post can contain only *one* fanwork. If you have two or more fanfics to post here, you should publish two or more separate entries. However, in order to prevent spam on our watchers' f-lists, the mods will approve said entries little by little.

Please tag your entries with main character(s) or pairings, thus: pairing:person/person, character:person. Thank you!


Members may post stories directly to the community, or link to their stories elsewhere. If your post is a recommendation of someone else's fanwork, please post using the header provided on the "Posting" section at the left. You may include an excerpt from the fic you are reccing, but you may not reprint another author's full work here without his or her permission. Please only rec fics or art which are rated PG-13 at most. Recs may be from other sites, as long as this is stated in your post.

Each rec post can feature only one fanwork. For instance, if you want to rec three fics, you should post three entries--preferably not in a row, to avoid spamming our watchers' f-lists.

Other Info and Credits

Off-topic posts are not welcome and inappropriate posts will be deleted. Fanfiction, fanart, graphics and icons are all welcome. Icons must have a preview of 3. Those who flame or who violate the community's few rules 2 times will be banned. Links to journals and personal fic/graphic comms are welcome, as long as entries are permanently open. If your post is long enough that it would annoy you on your own friends page, please make use of the LJ cut. Anything that goes below a header should be hidden with an lj-cut as well, even if it's a drabble (drabbles are fics which contain exactly 100 words). The only exception to this rule are the 3-icon previews required for icon entries.

Any questions should be directed to fanfictionlady via email: harrypotterpgmods(at)gmail(dot)com. Please keep in mind that if you have any doubts, you should contact the mod *before* you post anything to this community. If your post contains old lazy excuses such as "I don't know if this is allowed," it will be deleted. If you post contains the even worse "feel free to delete if this is not allowed," I'll assume that you aren't interested in reading and following rules; therefore, you'll be banned from this community.


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